Let's consider something provocative: Is your headshot opening doors or closing them? In the digital age, your headshot is more than just a photo—it's your frontline ambassador, crafting first impressions and signaling your professional caliber to clients, colleagues, and competitors alike.

In Atlanta, where every pixel counts, I blend my expertise in headshot photography with a rich background in PR and communications to elevate your professional image beyond the conventional. As an experienced headshot specialist, I don't just capture images; I capture your essence.


My journey into the world of photography began unexpectedly, rooted in a moment of professional challenge. While working at GE, I was part of organizing a headshot session for our executives—a critical day for enhancing our professional profiles. Despite the importance, several executives forgot it was headshot day, leading to results that were technically beautiful but personally disappointing for them.

This experience spotlighted a crucial gap: even the best photography could miss the mark without proper engagement and preparation. Driven by my innate curiosity and commitment to growth, I decided to bridge this gap myself. I put on what I call my "growth learning cap," and embarked on a journey into the world of photography. Starting from scratch, I tackled the daunting manual mode on my first DSLR, dedicating months to mastering the basics and years to refining my craft.

What truly sets my path apart are my years in PR and communications, equipping me with unique skills that I now bring to photography. These skills allow me to not just capture images, but to truly capture the person. Coaching executives to reveal genuine, engaging expressions, I craft headshots that do more than fill a frame—they connect, communicate, and resonate.


 I excel in coaching clients to reveal their authentic selves, capturing natural expressions that resonate with confidence and approachability—no stiff poses or forced smiles here.
With over 15 years in PR, I craft headshots that communicate more than competence; they convey your story and strategic edge, aligning perfectly with your career goals or business vision.
Beyond the lens, I’ve leveraged my skills to build a thriving six-figure photography practice, underpinned by a deep understanding of branding and audience engagement.
Whether you’re climbing the corporate ladder, expanding your professional network, or building a business, your headshot is a key asset. Let’s make it count.

Ready to stand out with a headshot that's as dynamic as your career?
Reach out today, and let's craft your ultimate first impression.


I'm a laid-back guy with a penchant for the simple pleasures of life. Give me a good gin - better yet, a London Mule at the local bar, and you've got me. Trust me, it'll revolutionize the way you appreciate gin. I equally relish savoring wine, sharing laughter and stories with neighbors or friends on the deck.

But above all, I am a creator. This creative energy permeates every headshot session, making each click of my camera a work of art. My passion? People. I thrive on working with individuals, revealing their authentic selves, and highlighting their very best facets.

I'm more than just a creative at heart - my energy is part of every headshot session. And it's this same relaxed but upbeat vibe that helps my clients let their guards down and shine their authentic selves.

A Virginia native turned Atlanta local, I've always been a Braves fan. Now, being in the heart of the action, I catch as many games as I can each season. Better yet, I love to share these moments with my clients - treating them to a game when possible, adding that personal touch that sets me apart.

But what truly fuels me is people. With a background in public relations, I appreciate the power of connection and authenticity. To me, a headshot isn't just about capturing an image - it's about encapsulating your essence. If you're seeking a run-of-the-mill, click-and-go photographer, you'll find plenty. But if you're after a personalized, collaborative, and relaxed experience that brings out your best, I'm your guy.

So, if you're ready to make your mark with headshots that truly reflect you, let's get started. Are you in?